5 Songs… Michael Feuerstack

In der Rubrik “5 Songs” erzählen uns Musiker von Songs, die einen großen Einfluss auf ihr musikalisches Schaffen hatten. Nach Koljah von der Antilopen Gang und Love A-Bassist Dommes haben wir Redaktions-Liebling Michael Feuerstack nach seinen Lieblingssongs gefragt. Und da sich der Kanadier nicht so recht entscheiden konnte, hat er direkt sechs Songs genannt. Übrigens, am 17. Februar 2015 erscheint sein neues Album „The Forgettable Truth“. (Foto: Anneke Hymmen)

Michael Feuerstack: It’s hard to pick 5 songs. I love a lot of songs, and so I threw in a bonus song (just to mess with the limits). There is no doubt that this list might end up different on any other day, but here are some favourites in no particular order.

So In Love – Curtis Mayfield
This song is unapologetically sultry and romantic, and it oozes a kindness that anyone could learn from.

Who Knows Where the Time Goes – Sandy Denny

I first heard this by Nina Simone, but I’ve since also fallen in love with Sandy Denny’s original. In fact, I’ve never heard a version of this song that I didn’t enjoy. Appropriate that it’s so completely timeless.

Houses – Elyse Weinberg

This song aches like no other song. It’s needy and self-sufficient at the same time. Neil Young plays guitar on it, and that’s just a bonus.

Janine – Arthur Russell

This song is mysterious and catchy in all kinds of familiar and weird ways. I could listen to it all day long. To be honest though, I have a different favourite from this album every time I listen to it.

Tigers – Rickie Lee Jones
Sophisticated and sexy – what more do you want?
(Anm. d. Red. – Dieses Video ist in Deutschland leider nicht verfügbar; Ihr kennt das ja)

Train in Vain – The Clash
This song captures the desperation of youth perfectly – insecure swagger, if that’s possible. Cocky, desperate, sexy and lonely all at once, it is such swirl of contradictions that I love everything about it.

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