5 Songs… Árni Hjörvar (The Vaccines)

In der Rubrik „5 Songs” erzählen uns Musiker von Songs, die einen großen Einfluss auf ihr musikalisches Schaffen hatten bzw. haben. Nach Beach Slang- und Weston-Sänger James Alex und der überaus bezaubernden Julie Doiron (ex-Eric´s Trip) haben wir diesmal Árni Hjörvar, den Bassisten der Vaccines nach seinen Lieblingssongs gefragt. Herausgekommen ist diese interessante Mischung…

Disclaimer – The list of my top 5 favourite songs changes so rapidly that by the time I’ve finished writing this, it won’t be true anymore. So, this is barely even a reflection of a moment in time.

Psychic Mirrors – Charlene
An cocaine sprinkled Miami funk banger from the über cool peeps at People’s Potential Unlimited. I came across the label via the spectacular Earle Hotel Tapes by Trash Company and that sent me on a mission to get my hands on all their releases. Charlene was an early acquisition.

Baby In Vain – Muscles
A Danish trio that’s trying to set a new benchmark for stoner sludge rawk with this song. And doing a pretty good job with it to be honest. So effortlessly cool. Love it.

Sampa The Great – F E M A L E
I came across her on a recent trip to Australia. I don’t actually think I’ve got a favourite song on her new mixtape, as it’s all pretty awesome, but I guess this was the first one I heard. This Zambian spoken word/hip-hop artist is totally unique. Really worth a listen.

The Big Moon – Sucker
One of the best things about being in a band is choosing support bands. We’re currently on a UK tour where we’ve managed to get some awesome bands to support incl. Sunflower Bean, Palma Violets, Pretty Vicious and the aforementioned. Sucker is brilliant.

Golden Rules – Auntie Pearl’s House
This collaboration between London based super producer Paul White and Florida rapper/singer Eric Biddiness is soulful/playful and fun. I’ve been a fan of Paul White’s for years and tend to love pretty much everything he does. This is him at his most accessible and poppy.